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Survival to Self-Care

How to say NO to Generational bad habits

and YES to the Real You

Karen explores how life has a way of piling on expectations which help build up varying levels of armor as experiences unfold and require new skills for survival. At the height of her career, feeling buried in pain at her lowest moment, she dug her way out by discovering how to identify, unpack, and release some cycles that have been handed down through the generations.  This is a story based self help book that brings to light generational cycles and presents a seven-step process to stop passing them on to future generations.

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Self-Care Companion E-Journal

"We don't know what we don't know - and these blind spots keep us lost and crashing through life, unable to heal, move on, and harness our true potential. In Survival to Self-Care, Karen teaches a simple and powerful system to recognize and break free of those patterns of thinking and behavior that block our happiness and freedom, so you can shine your light in all aspects of your life. She is passionate about helping women around the world become their true selves and achieve their goals and dreams, and this book is required as a step in that direction!"


Elayna Fernández ~ Award-winning Storyteller at


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Sugar is the Devil

Inspirational Cookbook

Simple Dishes for Successful Women

It's so much MORE than just a Cookbook:


- 15 Amazing Co-Authors share their inspirational stories

of kicking Sugar to the Curb

- NINETY-FIVE (95!!) Delicious No Sugar Added Recipes

-Treat your Family and Friends to better food for better health

- Special Celebrity Foreword By

America's Super Nanny Dr. Deborah Tillman

- and so much more!

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Gifts for your Family, Friends, Teachers, Coaches and  remember your fan club.

Give the gift of wellness to those you care about most with these unique books that encourage cooking, learning, and feeling better together.

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Your team will feel how much you care at Corporate health awareness events, health fairs, lunch and learn sessions, and  all hands meetings with these unique gift-away books.

What TV Celebs are Saying!

Paul C Brunson, well known TV host,  is currently hosting Celebs Go Dating


Dr Deborah Tillman is known as America's Super Nanny on Lifetime Television

Paul C. Brunson

Internationally recognized expert in interpersonal relationships, personal development, and entrepreneurship. Better with Paul Podcast

"It has been a great honor to witness Karen's journey and the growth that has led her to this moment! I am extremely proud to say without a doubt that her knowledge and expertise provides tremendous value to the Self-Care industry. Get ready to expect nothing less than a transformative experience and her influential masterous vision." 

"Get ready to expect nothing less than a transformative experience!"

Dr. Deborah Tillman

Consultant, Speaker, Author, Founder of Happy Home Christian Leadership Academy for Early Learners, Inc and "America's Super Nanny" on Lifetime Television

"Just like the devil, sugar is deceitful and tricky. I thought that just because I didn't have an indulgent sweet tooth, I was clear from the dangers of sugar. Still, I was FLOORED when I discovered how the tiniest amount of unsuspecting foods could contain enough sugar to affect your energy levels and clarity to name a few."

"Just like the devil, Sugar is deceitful

and tricky"

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