The Sugar is the Devil Cookbook!

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Volume One

Inspirational Stories and Recipes That Help You Say, "Not Today"

Scale the Limit was a mind, body, and spirit shift for me.

Dr. Deborah Tillman

America's "Supernanny"

Karen Que, Founder - Scale the Limit 

"Before I started this journey, I had no idea how dangerous sugar was..."


"It made it nearly impossible to keep the pounds off and control the scale. After all, I’ve never been ridiculous about sweets, so I didn’t think sugar was something I needed to kick, but oh, was I wrong.


The American diet is FULL of hidden, sneaky sugars, and they go by secret names like corn syrup, fructose, and maltodextrin, to name a few. There are well over 60 names for sugar, and they hide out in our drinks, our condiments, and even our so-called “healthy food alternatives.” These hidden sugars lead to inflammation in our bodies, which feeds life-threatening illnesses like diabetes, heart disease, and autoimmune diseases. The list goes on...


Discovering the hidden evils of sugar can make you feel much like I felt when I realized some foods had to be eliminated from our family menu, “What in the world is left?”


I’ll tell you what’s left: a world of delicious, whole, healthy foods that will leave you energized and so satisfied that sugar is a distant memory.


This cookbook is your introduction to that world. I’ve even shared a couple of my childhood recipes that are STL friendly!"

Simple Dishes for Successful Women


It's so much MORE than just a Cookbook:


- 15 Amazing Co-Authors share their inspirational stories

- NINETY-FIVE (95!!) Delicious Recipes

- A celebration of our Scale the Limit Community

- Special Celebrity Spotlight Story

- and so much more!


"My grandmother loved deviled eggs and would make them for many happy occasions throughout the years. She was also the chicken salad whisperer! I would spend hours in the kitchen with her, listening to stories and learning what made her and those recipes so special."


The first of the series, this book is meant to be a lot like her kitchen, everyone is welcome as we share inspiring stories from amazing women who are a lot like you. Be sure to try my devil-free eggs and chicken salad recipes as they help me honor Gram, keeping her legacy alive. Enjoy!"


- Karen Que, Scale the Limit LLC


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