Fast, Simple Weight Loss: 

No B.S. 60-Day Challenge

We have taken our proven women's program and customized it just for you.

Our participants lose an average of 15 to 35 pounds over the 60-day challenge following our moderate protein, moderate fat, low carb diet plan.

What's Included In The Challenge

This gives you everything you need to get back to your fighting weight 

and a champion mindset to go with it!

You will receive your e-workbook right away, and there are weekly videos and guides to keep you informed and on-track every step of the way



The short version: We give you all the tools, and support you need to do this.


Ready to get started?


Some of what's included:

  • Scale the Limit E-Workbook

    This is where it all begins! From Stage 1 all the way to Stage 5, this is your "secret sauce blueprint" to keep you on track for all 60 days.

  • Daily accountability check-ins

    As you know, it's one thing to have the game plan - but it's another entirely to execute. We're here to make sure you're following through each step (don't worry - we make it CRAZY simple!)

  • Coaching video series

    During your first round, New Videos are released weekly, you'll get instruction and guidance for the next week of the challenge. 

  • STL Facebook Community

    We're all in this together! meet your fellow challengers as well as past participants (who often have great insider tips!) in our amazing private group. Will you be crowned our next king?

  • Specific food list

    Listen - we know how annoying it is to count macros, calories, etc. We want to make things as simple as possible - our comprehensive guide will help you decide exactly what to eat!

  • Restaurant guide

    On the go often, or just like to dine out every now and then? We've got ya covered. We'll keep you on the straight and narrow no matter what menu you run into!

Will you be our next KING?


Let's get real, if you could do this yourself you already would have nailed it.  You are a successful guy with lots of responsibility and no time to waste. Our program is simple to follow and flexible enough to fit into your busy lifestyle without sinking time into the gym.


Let us help you get back to your fighting weight and feel like a champion once again.

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