Weight Loss for Successful Women

Sick of weight loss fads or gimmicky diets? We are the final destination for women who want REAL results in 60 days (or less).

"At 4 weeks into the system I was down over 22lbs, and now I have lost 70 total! The results are super motivating and the program fits perfectly into my busy lifestyle."

What We Do

Scale the Limit is a mindful weight loss membership program designed specifically for successful women who may be kicking butt in a number of ways but just can't get the weight loss piece to stick.


Sound familiar? Trust us - we've been there too.


We set out to create an actual, lasting solution. That solution is our 60 Day Challenge Membership Program.


We will guide you step-by-step how to step down from high carb and sugar foods, find foods that work for you, and get to the internal reasons why we eat what eat to ensure long-term success! (Keeping those pounds off is just as important as losing them in the first place!)

Why Women Love Our System

No Exercise

You read that right - zero exercise! You can certainly workout and tone up after you've lost your weight, but not during!

Simple Steps

We tell you EXACTLY what to eat in a way you can do it at home or dining out! Oh...and no more counting calories or macros.

Red Wine

Not only are you using REAL food to get results, we even allow Red Wine (in moderation of course!) - and sometimes even bacon!


No one's alone on their Scale the Limit journey. Join an AMAZING community of women all pushing to be their best self!

Take our 1-minute quiz to see if it's right for you!

Real Women, Real Results

Don't just take our word for it! We know how many programs, bars, shakes, and more are out there promising the moon and the stars. We want to hear from real women just like you to share their Scale the Limit experience!

DebiJo's Story (60 lbs)

Karlyn's Story (15 lbs)

Tracy's Story (23 lbs)

Theresa's Story (17 lbs)

Kescha's Story (50 lbs)

Karen's Story (55 lbs)

How it Works

While many weight loss programs focus primarily on just losing weight, Scale The Limit puts heavy emphasis on testing what foods work for you and your specific body while identifying any emotional triggers that are either hindering your weight loss, causing weight gain, or even sabotaging the great work you are already doing on your own.


We believe internal work yields the best external results and sets you up for true success when paired with an understanding of how your body is fueled by what you eat.


To learn more about our story - click here!

Some of what's included:

  • Scale the Limit E-Workbook

    This is where it all begins! From Stage 1 all the way to Stage 5, this is your "secret sauce blueprint" to keep you on track for all 60 days and beyond.

  • Daily accountability check-ins

    As you know, it's one thing to have the game plan - but it's another entirely to execute. We're here to make sure you're following through each step (don't worry - we make it CRAZY simple!)

  • Group coaching video calls

    During the weekly coaching calls, you'll get instruction and guidance for the next week of the challenge. Your questions will be answered live by Karen and your fellow Challengers.

  • STL Facebook Community

    We're all in this together! meet your fellow challengers as well as past participants (who often have great insider tips!) in our amazing private group. Will you be crowned our next queen?

  • Specific food list

    Listen - we know how annoying it is to count macros, calories, etc. We want to make things as simple as possible - our comprehensive guide will help you decide exactly what to eat!

  • Restaurant guide

    On the go often, or just like to dine out every now and then? We've got ya covered. We'll keep you on the straight and narrow no matter what menu you run into!

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